About the UK IGF

The UK-IGF is a collaborative partnership that provides a local forum in the UK to engage industry, government, parliament, academia and civil society in debate on Internet Governance issues. 

Vision: The UK-IGF sees a central role for the IGF in Internet policy discussions, improving awareness of issues and good practice and helping to underpin decision making.  It helps UK-based stakeholders benefit to the full from the work of the IGF. 

Mission:  The UK-IGF engages stakeholders on Internet-related issues of importance to the UK and provides a forum for ongoing discussion of these issues.  It shares principles and ideas, approaches to problem solving and examples of best practice with other regional and national IGFs and, ultimately in the international IGF.  It contributes to developing thinking and decision making nationally and internationally.

The UK-IGF helps to:

  • Identify nationally relevant internet issues;
  • Provide an ongoing discussion forum in the UK to inform wider thinking and decision making regarding the Internet;
  • Engage with the global IGF – helping attendees to represent UK interests on the agenda and reporting back to the UK community on the discussions;
  • Interact with other national and regional IGFs for problem solving and sharing best practice.

The UK IGF will hold a series of preparatory meetings each year to formulate the UK messages to take to the international community at the Global IGF meeting. It will develop and showcase examples of UK best practice and serve as a potential prototype model for other national IGFs.

The UK IGF Committee will input into the agendas and topics to be covered at these preparatory meetings, as well as helping to promote them and broaden the base of support and representation.

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